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GAD Environmental Design Students Feedback



刘颖心 Yingxin Liu


18-1环境设计国际班 刘颖心

18-1 International Design Class of Environment Liu Yingxin



Liu Yingxin’s recommendation: Liu Yingxin is a very hardworking girl. She cherishes the opportunity and is especially willing to challenge herself. In English learning, I am very active in communicating with foreign teachers. In professional courses, I have good design ideas and the ability to transform ideas. —Chen Lin

班会合照 Class meeting photo



New enrollment, facing a completely different way of life, facing a variety of activities, facing a new and unfamiliar environment, I have been confused and panic, but I saw friendly teachers, lovely classmates, my Worried that it was washed away by this warm atmosphere. During the military training, we listened to the introduction of various professions. I am very interested in the environment design profession. When I know that this major has an international class, I am very excited, but I need to do an English interview at the beginning of the school. It is inevitable that there is some resistance. But my long-time dream is to study abroad, so I told myself to overcome this resistance. So, at the beginning of the school, I attended the interview for this international class. Even if the English is not very fluent or even because of the tension, there is no idea, but I did my best to complete the interview. Of course, the results are not bad. I successfully entered the international class of the environment and fortunately became a member of this class.

个人作品 Individual works



I am very fortunate to meet Chen Lin, the head of our international class in this new environment. She is very concerned about our learning situation and some problems that arise during the study. We have been silently preparing for each of our courses, doing our best to provide us with the best learning resources, to lead us to realize our dreams, to make us Gradually become even better. Indeed, at this new starting point, I have many dreams to fly, many dreams to be realized, and in order to realize my dreams, I also quickly adapt to this new environment. I know that going to college is not the end of learning, but the beginning of the dream. This is a free learning platform, which belongs to every student who pursues dreams. It is fair, free, competitive and compact. We have more rights and we have to fulfill our obligations.

英语课堂合照 Photo taken in English classroom



At the beginning of the Nicola English class, everyone was a bit restrained, but later, because Nicola often gave us some group activities, mobilized everyone’s enthusiasm, everyone also actively participated. In the English class of Teacher Yang Na, Teacher Yang Na always takes care of the emotions of each of us. Seeing that everyone is depressed, they will take some small activities and give us a small gift. Of course, this class will also be The content is very clear, let us learn a lot of knowledge, let us express our ideas more boldly in English.

手绘课程全英汇报 Report on hand drawing course in English



In the first professional course-hand-painted foundation, Mr. Zhao Yinuo gave us the class and introduced the contents of the professional course in English. Let us quickly learn the professional vocabulary in English and learn the hand-painted knowledge. It’s a great help when you’re done with your big homework.

结课展览合照 A group photo of the closing exhibition


在第二门课程“形式与空间”是爱尔兰教授Thomas Leggett和陈琳老师给澳门新京ww6692am上的,在这门课上学到了很多东西,比例方面也更加严格要求自己做到精确。完成了人生中的第一个设计!

In the second course, “Form and Space” was given to us by the Irish professors Thomas Leggett and Chen Lin. In this course, I learned a lot, and the proportion is more strict and requires myself to be precise. Completed the first design in life!

展览场景 Exhibition scene



At the end of the big homework, due to the strict requirements of Thomas and the fineness of my work, I made several plans, changed and changed with the help of the teachers. After a few nights, the works were successfully exhibited. It feels worth paying for everything you deserve! Thanks to the careful teaching of Thomas and Chen Lin! Thanks also for their responsible attitude!

外出测绘调研 Going out surveying and research



The third engineering drawing is a teacher from Taiwan – Teacher Chen Yuting. She first asked us to visit the hutongs in Beijing, to map their length, width and width, and then draw them in a ratio of 1:10. In this lesson, we learned about the actual scale and then came up with a design of our own. The engineering drawing course and the CAD course are also combined. Teacher Zhao Yinuo also patiently taught us CAD and made us learn a lot.

模型展示 Model display】



In general, from the beginning of the school to the present, my English has improved significantly, and I can bravely express my ideas in English in professional courses, no longer timid. I am very fortunate to be able to enter the international class of environmental design. I have a lot of opportunities for growth. From ignorance to knowledge, from dependence to independence, I have also formed a new ideology, knowing what to do and what not to do. After adapting to the rhythm of university life, we started the voyage. Next, I will be responsible for everything I do. I will continue to study hard in the days to come, and actively practice and improve my cultivation and connotation. Infect the surrounding students with influence, I want to learn from Thomas, to be better! I am really grateful to Mr. Chen Lin, the head of our environmental international company, for providing us with this very good learning platform. I am also grateful to the teachers who have been paying for us since the beginning of the school! Our excellence is inseparable from you, we will continue to work harder!




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