Understanding the Mobile Wireless Broadband

How Does Mobile Wireless Broadband Work?
Mobile wireless broadband is a form of broadband that uses radio waves to set up a wireless networking area. Unlike wireless broadband which can set up in the home, mobile wireless broadband tends to mean the private and public service found outside the home. Accessing mobile wireless broadband services from Internet cafes, parks, airports and hotels usually requires a service provider have a tower nearby.

Broadband Technology
Mobile wireless broadband technology lets users access the Internet via radio waves emitted from a tower. Service providers use these to service the area within the tower’s limit, sometimes only 100 meters. Building them in every neighborhood and apartment complex would allow anyone to access them, but this would be too costly. This limit is why towers are more commonly found in hot spots like airports and parks.

In order for a laptop or computing device to access mobile wireless broadband, a wireless networking card or USB device must be plugged into the laptop or device. Most laptops have internal wireless capability. Some networks require an access fee, while others can be public and free. Wi-Fi is a form of networking that uses short-range radio waves, accessed via base towers.

3G Technology
In Australia, 3G mobile wireless broadband uses 3G mobile phone services to provide Internet access. These networks are being installed and have ranges up to 10 kilometers and more. It uses a licensed part of the electromagnet spectrum usually for mobile phones. These vast ranges of communication allow wider coverage, but also give advantages to users operating from moving services, like trains and buses.

WiMAX is another type of mobile wireless broadband that has ranges able to compete with 3G technology. In Australia, the service is available only in major cities. The problems facing WiMAX include licensing parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and competing against other global telecommunications.

In China, 3G wireless broadband is run by China Telecom, which opened its first 3G services in Beijing in April 2009. The ability to transfer data like videos, movies and music at high speeds attracted more than 10,000 customers before the service even launched. Any customers in range of Beijing Telecom’s broadcasting towers can access the wireless broadband network. In China, 3G mobile wireless broadband has a greater audience than the 3G mobile phone services set to launch in May of 2009.

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