Tips to Use Wireless 4G

Using a 4G modem, you can connect your laptop to the Internet wirelessly. Fourth generation wireless (4G) provides a fast Internet connection for mobile phones, smartphones, netbooks and computers. There are a few companies now offering 4G wireless subscriptions to consumers and more coverage is expected to develop. Several products may now be purchased with 4G capabilities already installed. Additionally, you can purchase 4G wireless routers to connect to computers that are not 4G ready.

1.Determine your 4G eligibility by contacting a nationwide service provider, such as Sprint. Currently, 4G connectivity is only available in certain areas. You can also determine your 4G eligibility online.
2. Subscribe to a 4G service provider in your area. Most service providers will require you provide them with your name, address, Social Security number and additional personal information to set up your account. You must subscribe to the service before you will be able to access the wireless signal.
3. Purchase a device that is already 4G capable. Most 4G service providers offer options for 4G-enabled devices including netbooks and smartphones.
4. Power on the 4G device and it will automatically connect to your wireless 4G service. Once connected, you can use the Internet and check your email from your mobile device.

Connecting Devices That are Not 4G Enabled
1. Purchase a 4G modem from a 4G service provider, such as Sprint, if you have a computer or netbook that is not 4G wireless enabled.
2. Install software via a CD-ROM included in the packaging of your USB modem, if needed, to connect a singular computer to your 4G network. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer and a series of prompts will guide you through the installation process.
3. Plug in your USB modem to your computer’s USB port. Your computer will automatically detect the device and begin to install the drivers. Once the drivers are installed, you can connect to the Internet via your wireless 4G connection.


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