The Characteristics of 3G & 4G Computers

3G and 4G computers and technology have a number of similar characteristics. 3G and 4G are terms that you hear a lot when discussing modern computers and computer networking. The terms mean third generation and fourth generation, respectively. Third generation is slowly progressing into the fourth, with many technologies that were cutting edge in the late 1990s in the third generation being replaced by their newer, more mobile fourth edition children.

Transfer Rate
One of the things that changes from each generation of computers to the next is the speed at which they can transfer and process data. For instance, a third generation computer and computer network could transfer data up to 2 megabits per second. Fourth generation computers improved on that speed, with the ability to transfer data at up to 100 megabits per second. This higher bandwidth sets these two generations apart from previous ones, which could barely transfer data fast enough for streaming video.

Wireless Capability
3G and 4G computers and computer networks are some of the first to offer truly wireless capabilities. Wireless Internet works off of radio signals, the same kind used by cell phones. 3G computers have the ability to use and receive these wireless signals and thus you can make calls over a 3G computer or you can use wireless Internet. 4G computers and their networks take this further, adding power to the amount of data that can be transferred and the additional reception that 4G systems can provide.

Switching is a term used to describe computer operations that take place during transfer of data. 3G computers use both packet switching, which is manipulation of data only, as well as circuit switching which is a lower technology that takes place in the hardware as well. 4G computers and networks have abandoned circuit switching entirely, relying solely on packet switching for all necessary operations and data transfers.


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